Heavy-hitter Durtsoxxx is barreling into the New Year in a big way. The Funk’n Deep Records label boss is dropping a heater of a new EP on his own label. It’s not only has two solid originals, but it’s got a host of solid remixes coming along for the ride.

For their take of the namesake track, “Denial,” Loco & Jam go deep. The original version is an epic melodic chunk of stripped-down but high-energy techno, bursting with swells, crashes, hooks and more. The Irish duo strips things down to the bone, and beefs up the kick to a seismic scale. This remix goes from club primetime to deep warehouse hours. The rhythms are mechanistically weighty, and the dynamic tension runs long and deep here. The vocal samples feel almost alien in origin, as opposed to the bright warmth they add to the original. They roll over the long breakdowns that Loco & Jam create to heighten the epic quality of this take.

While seemingly simple, there’s clearly a lot going on here. Every synth stab and bass note crackles with energy, but from a far darker and more minimal vantage point. Though cut from the same cloth, these two visions of “Denial” complement each other perfectly; this remix being the night to the original’s day.

Available January 7 via Funk’n Deep Black. 

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