After a series of big releases for the likes of Set About, Upon Access, and Drumcode, Berlin-based Juliet Fox isn’t ready for a break yet. The bombastic techno producer is dropping yet another release, this time for Sian’s Octopus Black Label. It’s a short but sharp EP titled Robotic Mode, and it’s an even further exploration of oceanic grandiosity.

The title track itself is surely one of Fox’s most pneumatically pounding to date. Powered by a kick that’s denser than lead pumps in with enough space to give the soundscape an infinite scope. Cold and dark, white hiss crackles around every edge, while alien sounds twist through the mists. Peppers of sound burst in and out at their own pace until finally, the commanding vocals take the lead.

With a rolling drive and the kind of tense dynamic only a qualified hand can bring to a minimal landscape, “Robotic Mode” is as cold in content as it is burning bright in flow. This one hits hard and deep and can wring sweat out of even the most cavernous of spaces. It’s an excellent release for both Juliet Fox and Octopus Black Label.

Available now via Octopus Black Label.

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