The bass scene may seem like an odd hangout for a classically trained pianist, but Los Angeles’ JayKode is an outlier who is here to smash some stereotypes. Through his trademark Classical Bass style, he has gone against the grain and added a new depth to the bottom-end that has been causing heads to lose control of their bodily movements. Jay’s latest creation, “Break It Down,” finds a way to break even more boundaries by pulling from another unlikely dimension from his formative years.

“As a headbanger growing up, I knew I wanted to blend my roots in metal with my love for electronic music one day,” he tells Insomniac. “‘Break It Down’ is the perfect blend of heavy bass, beautiful piano arpeggios, orchestral strings and metal that will melt your face off in the pit. I’m super stoked to have teamed up with my dude Sullivan King on this record to bring you guys what might be my favorite track to date.”

Instead of turning out like a hodgepodge of clashing components, the end result is actually a ferocious chimera that makes us respect Jay even more. Sullivan’s nasty guitar shredding is complemented perfectly by the schizo synthplay and sophisticated piano phrases. This beast is going to be a huge hit on the release’s coinciding tour of the same name (duh), which will touch down in 14 different cities. If you’re feeling it as much as we are, snag the free download that the Bassrush crew is so generously offering below.

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