You can always count on the Circus Records crew to put their unrivaled A&R skills to the test, as they continuously call out the next frontier of bass music’s most promising names. For their next release, they are giving us a two-for-one forecast, as they place their bets on a pair of young-gun producers who have been quickly rising up the ranks with a trailblazing fury.

Havok Roth is a Miami-based artist—by way of Venezuela—who has been using his multi-instrumental background to put a menacing twist on trap. His bottom-heavy bits have already surfaced on clutch labels including Dim Mak, Fool’s Gold, Elysian, and Mad Decent’s Good Enuff. On the other hand is Central Coast resident WILDLYF, an 18-year-old maniac who has been fusing the freshest elements of future bass and trap to give rise to his homegrown sanctuary sound.

These two bright minds collide on “Stellar,” which harnesses enough force to knock planet Earth right off its orbit. Swirling arpeggiations and thunderous drums launch this catastrophic collaboration into the cosmos, until it turns into an all-out assault with quick bursts of head-spinning synthwork and stunning sound design. A moment of respite is offered in the light-handed piano keys that power the broken-beat breakdown—but it’s a fleeting feeling that quickly succumbs to the sped-up chaos that is the second drop. Havok Roth and WILDLYF make a killer team, and this single leaves us hoping for more shared studio time between them in the near future.

Available September 4 via Circus Records.

Buy Havok Roth and WILDLYF’s “Stellar” here.

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