A sphynx cat with piercing emerald eyes and a green mohawk is a fair representation of acid techno in animal form—especially since we’re talking about “The Last Generation,” the latest single from Suara Music’s head honcho Coyu, featuring Chicago legend Green Velvet.

The track, like the image and the collaboration, is no-bullshit and all badass—raw, bone-buzzing techno laced with dark, acid touches. Against Coyu’s relentless beats, manic rhythms, and acid bloops, Green Velvet riffs on the last generation bringing salvation to “the house that jack built.”

“Raw techno is the way I have to express my passion for ‘90s techno and house sounds,” Coyu tells Insomniac. “Honest, deep, loopy, and good-time music with a muscled rhythm section.”

The second installment in Coyu’s Raw Tracks series, “The Last Generation” lives up to that aim. It’s no surprise, because Coyu intended it as “a tribute to that way of understanding music, deeply rooted in the purity of Chicago’s techno music.”

Green Velvet will host a La La Land night at Escape: Psycho Circus in October.

Available August 20 via Suara Music.

Buy Coyu’s Raw Tracks Vol. 2 here.

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