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The steam behind Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are the Brave imprint seems to be thickening by the minute, as the UK techno stalwart continues to power its engine with a who’s-who list of talent. In the year since its launch, Fitzpatrick has not only roped in releases from heavyweights like Reset Robot, Darius Syrossian, Skober, and his own progressive-powered “El Jefe” collab with the almighty Sasha, but he’s also packed the house at the label’s sold-out Day Festival in Ireland. Heads can’t seem to get enough from WATB, and we don’t blame them one bit.

The latest recruit enlisted in the Brave camp, Italian producer Frankyeffe is right at home with their mission to put innovation above all else. While “Fire” will undoubtedly subdue the dancefloor with its proggy burn, it’s the traces of nostalgia on “Gate” that have us dead in its grip.

“I love how ‘Gate’ manages to be both trancey and jacking at the same time,” explains Fitzpatrick. “Such a bomb!”

He straddles that line so seamlessly, as only someone with his background in the ‘90s trance and progressive scenes can accomplish. Remnants of that era are scattered throughout the track’s eight-minute run, starting out subtly at first and then in full strides once the propulsive rhythm reaches its carrying capacity. Echoing vocal loops, heady arpeggios, chugging drums, billowing basslines, and lysergic synth stabs keep things locked until the entire affair is reduced back down to where it began. It’s a brilliant progressive techno belter, one that makes us believe this year belongs to We Are the Brave.

Available May 4 via We Are the Brave.

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