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Step into the wild and wonky mind of Brooklyn-based Esseks with this straight-up head-twisting synapse-killer known as “Only1,” taken from his unhinged EP on Wakaan. Aptly titled A Hole in the Fourth Wall, the seven-track release is a masterclass in left-field-leaning craftsmanship unlike anything else out there.

Relying heavily on intricate beats and exotic atmospheres, the deep and deadly glitch-infused vision that Esseks represents kicks on “Only1,” which puts pressure not only on genre boundaries but on the very elasticity of the mind itself. Inducing a kind of lucid hypnotism with the spiraling vocal hook that swirls in utero alongside a shivering bassline, the intricate details are interwoven into the very fabric of the piece and make for an intense listening experience.

As if that weren’t enough, check the artwork on this and the rest of his output. Esseks hand-paints all the covers in a mind-blowing synergy with the dreamscapes his music conjures up—proving once again that Wakaan is at the very forefront of what’s bubbling up from the underground. Let “Only1” drift over your brainwaves as a precursor to the full EP you’re sure to want to dig into next.

Available April 6 via Wakaan.

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