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LSDREAM lives up to his moniker by conjuring up an interstellar dreamscape destined to have psychonauts and speaker-freakers alike riding the vibrations of the bass burner known as “I Am Bass.” Having been causing a stir with his intricate compositions that seek to bridge the gap between the synapses, the bass-heavy shivers that this one brings on are the highlight of his Renegades of Light LP, which is dropping today on Wakaan.

LSDream captures the essence of the cut and the album as a whole with the insight he kicks down our way. “Renegades of Light! Something has awakened within us,’ he says. “We now see what was there all along. We are the bizarre, beautiful, unique, powerful beings we were always meant to be. A force of positive energy on the planet, sending a galactic tidal wave of good vibes and infinite love to all we encounter!!! When this happens, we create HARMONIC DEFIANCE. Through our harmony, we are defiant to the old vibrations. Separation, limitation, fear, judgement. When we express our true selves, we empower others to do the same. Sing. Dance. Create. Live your truth, in full color, with laughs, smiles, and the volume turned all the way up!”

If you’re feeling LSDREAM’s call, be sure to dive into “I Am Bass” and let the vibes wash over you as the deep and heavy layers come together in a way that are sure to speak to the ancient self you once knew.

Available April 12 via Wakaan.

Buy LSDREAM’s Renegades of Light LP here.

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