Making it to the finish line at an all-night underground party isn’t something that’s just handed to you; you have to earn it. Most people succumb to fatigue, never knowing the bliss of those last few minutes when the house lights flick on, the final track comes to a halt, and the brave remaining few head home with a hard-earned W. Parisian producer Dustycloud is calling out the late-night crew on his next track, “Those Nights,” which he is offering up as a tribute via a free-to-download release.

“My first song of 2018 is an after-hours anthem I’ve been very impatient to release,” he tells Insomniac.” I wanted to make something dark and groovy for my people who dance ‘til dawn and still ain’t ready to go home. If you’ve had one of ‘Those Nights,’ this one’s for you.”

The forecast is gritty and grungy grooves with a heavy chance of raver rain. A shuffling percussive arrangement sets everything in motion before Dustycloud lets his signature low-slung grooves take control. Whooshing undertones, growling basslines, and stuttering vocal chops each precipitate in a way that only this one-of-a-kind producer can pull off. Whenever “Those Nights” gets rinsed, expect the roof to turn into a straight-up monsoon.

Available as a free download.

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