Durtysoxxx is a tireless artist. Between steady DJ sets and a stream of productions and collaborations—not to mention being the label boss for Funk ‘n’ Deep—he’s firing on all cylinders. This round sees him dropping some solid new music on a peer label. It’s a fiery techno thumper called “Eccentric” for Coyu’s Suara label.

This track runs deep. Booming away with an oceanic kick, “Eccentric” rolls at a quick and unrelenting pace. Durtysoxxx layers in a raw-edged acid lead that lifts the tension and energy from beginning to end. As the 303s lean almost toward an early big-beat style, the rest of the soundscape hammers on, with epic pads calling from the periphery.

Durtysoxxx has managed to pack a ton of energy into this cut. With a stripped-down set of sounds and production, he’s crafted them to maximum effect. There’s an almost cinematic quality at times here. All in all, this is a top-notch techno tune that will rattle the walls of any club.

Available April 15 via Suara Music.

Buy Durtysoxxx’s “Eccentric” here.

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