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We’ve been fucking with Dr. Fresch since the very beginning, so it’s been super legit to have a front-row seat throughout the progression of his profession as a prescriber of beats made strictly for the streets. The L.A.-based producer—real name Tony Fresch—is known for toying around with a handful of sounds, each of which plays into a genre he has dubbed “future ghetto.” His evolution as an artist—and the path that has led him to become an indelible figure in the dance music scene—are captured nowhere better than on the new four-track Rx order he’s filled alongside the Insomniac Records crew.

“The No Introduction EP both encompasses my journey as a producer since the inception of the Dr. Fresch project, and gives listeners a look into the future of Dr. Fresch in an amalgamation of G-house, electro, and West Coast hip-hop,” he tells us. “No Introduction gives a nod to the legends that built the pillars of indie electronic music, yet is chock-full of forward-thinking sound design and formatting—the truest form of Dr. Fresch.”

He pays mad respect to the multi-genre game on this package, which shows him perfecting the formula of his forward-facing productions. “Fire” was the first look offered from the release back in April, and that single is now joined by three equally potent pharmaceutical-grade cuts.

“No Introduction” is a dark, electro-laced ripper that puts Fresch’s refined sound design on blast. Mina Knock swoops in on “Feedback,” providing hazy-eyed vocal work on a gritty track that will take you straight to swerve city. Lastly, Jacknife helps him close things out with “Blow Up,” a growling, chop-heavy grinder with a mean lean provided by its subtle trap drums and oscillating bottom-end. If there’s a single takeaway you should have after listening to No Introduction, it’s that Dr. Fresch has found a way to take his hybridized sound to a whole other dimension.

Dr. Fresch’s No Introduction EP is available here.

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