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Discovery Project alum-turned-G-house-superstar Dr. Fresch just dropped the first single from his upcoming EP with Insomniac Records, and it’s a roaring number bound to set the dancefloor ablaze. Appropriately named “Fire,” this pulsating naughts-era-inspired electro banger opens with a swell of sinister chords and eerie synths. However, instead of going in the upbeat house direction of his patented “future ghetto” sound, he tweaks the formula into something slow-burning but still as lit as ever.

“‘Fire’ is a true marriage between the mid-2000s electro scene, which introduced me to the genre, and contemporary electro,” Fresch tells Insomniac. “I see it as a 10-year journey through my production career. I also wanted the track to be both digital and analog, bringing rock distortion and saturation to very computer-driven sounds. I love this song so much and am so excited to introduce this to my fans—just the tip of the iceberg that is my new EP, No Introduction!”

Watch this space for the rest of the ghetto-fab beats from the EP, which should be on the way soon enough.

Dr. Fresch’s “Fire” is available here.

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