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We’ve put together some of our favorite tunes from Discovery Project alumni for you. We do this regularly, so keep checking in with the Alumni Tracks You Should Know series to see the latest and greatest from our Discovery Project artists.

Moon Frog “Woke Me”

Just in time for festie season, Moon Frog has dropped some lovely, deep vibes on us. His new nine-track album, Drifting on Ceremony, is a journey through chill bass and indigenous soundscapes. “Woke Me” plays like the soundtrack to a gorgeous sunrise. Its Eastern-influenced melody chimes out softly with light-hearted, organic textures. Even with a pretty thumping dose of sub-bass, the song has a bright and organic feel. Moonfrog is among the few DP alumni who have delved into the more psychedelic side of atmospheric music, and he is doing so to great effect.
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Fabian Mazur “Make It Bounce” (Kayoh x UNKWN Remix)

Putting your own spin on a record of a similar style can be a monumental task. Kayoh and UNKWN have risen to the occasion here, stepping things up from the original in a big way. Breaking up the beat allows more space for those dirty, twisted synths to cut like a knife through warm butter. They’ve also spiced things up in the transition department with some funky edits that keep the tune blazing along.
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Kyle Walker “Hold Up”

Kyle does damage on dat bassline hype with this one. There is so much power in the call-and-response from the lower register, making it so that nothing more is needed than an authoritative drum kit to anchor the tune, while some fabulous vocal sampling fills out the top-end. Kyle’s exhibited much of the same effectiveness in his other dancefloor rockers, which are totally minimal in their nature.
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Luke Da Duke x Choppa Dunks “Gosta”

Choppa Dunks joins his homie Luke Da Duke to engage in some down-low booty bass. From the gate, this one grabs you by the throat. The 808 fills the speakers with its warm, sticky love, while the synth breaks in just enough to keep things rockin’. In a matter of three minutes, you are taken from slow-burning trap to a blazing, booty-poppin’ house beat, and then violently dropped back into the trap. The boys have seriously taken us on a ride up in here.
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Grensta & Jai Biotic “East Bay Chica”

Jai Biotic’s oddball beats and Grensta’s low-slung G-funk make for a disgustingly great match on “East Bay Chica.” The bassline slumps lower than most people would think humanly possible, as it manages to vibrate parts of the body that are NSFW. And the funky, broken-beat feel of the kick drum, paired with gangsta atmospherics, make this lo-fi joint perfect fodder to rock the late-night dancefloor or, ahem, bedroom.
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