Curated by Los Angeles’ own Stranger and promising a mix of “forward-thinking artists pushing the boundaries of house, tech house, breaks and UKG,” the Tons & Tons imprint returns to center stage with the heavyweight Mind Games EP from young-blood Grensta. Set on blurring the boundaries between genres, as well as that thin line between dreams and reality, the head-tripping EP features two new singles from Grensta himself, alongside ill remixes from the likes of Ruff Hauser, Proper Villains, and Kendoll.

While all the cuts hit the sweet spot for those who know, Ruff Hauser of Cats & Boots fame turns in a wicked remix of “What I Am” that we can’t wait to experience under the stars all summer long. Easing into things with a lurching Miami bass roll, Ruff Hauser quickly spins things into psychedelic territory with a hypnotic flex that slithers its way past the blood-brain barrier and seems determined to rewire your synapses from top to bottom.

To hear Ruff Hauser tell it, the tune seemed to come together on its own, channeled from deep within his own sleep-deprived subconscious mind as he balanced the multifaceted existence of a modern-day renaissance man:

“When my friend Adam [aka Stranger], of 20 years, asked me to remix a Grensta track, it was a pretty obvious ‘Hell yeah.’ At the time, I was working for a little company called Insomniac, for a little party called Beyond Wonderland. Needless to say, it was a challenge to juggle DJ curation, logistics, and music production all in the same week, but I’m really excited and honored to be part of the fam on this one!”

Whether dictated by an otherworldly intelligence or belched from the depths of Ruff Hauser’s own DNA, there’s no denying this remix is the kind of tune that sets the standard for future-leaning producers as they head into the remaining months of 2018. This one’s out Friday, so wrap your head around the shivering beast above, and be sure to heed Ruff Hauser’s advice as you prepare to embark upon your own late-night journeys: “Life is a kick drum. Beat it while you can!”

Available May 11 via Tons & Tons.

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