Christian Smith and John Selway are two names that have been around for more than a minute. Stalwarts of the techno scene, they’ve collaborated for a fair number of those years, as well, putting out hits like “Total Departure” and “Move” for labels such as Drumcode and Smith’s own Tronic Music. The latter has also seen Smith and Selway release two installments of an EP series titled Count Zero, and they’re now back to drop the third installment—only this round sees more exploration of the boundaries of hefty four-on-the-floor beats. Count Zero (Part III) also celebrates a new and exciting live show for the duo, which has already been booked for six solid festival appearances across the globe thus far.

The featured cut, “The Distance,” is both a deep number off of this new release, as well as a prime example of what these two veterans do best.

“John Selway and I have been working together for a long time, and I feel this track really captures our good chemistry in the studio,” Smith tells Insomniac. “It’s a peak-time rave banger that always delivers the goods on the floor!”

That’s a precise description of “The Distance,” but clearly there’s more to it. A seismically thick kick bursts in, while a shuffled beat pings against it to drive a groove. As the pieces are pulled up through the mix, they rise and fall in twisting waves, while coated with thick hiss. Once the dancefloor-driving rhythms grab a firm hold, Smith and Selway bring in emotive sythns to send things looking upward toward deep space. With punctuated bursts and atmosphere reverb, this track forges a strong and captivating personality. It’s a prime-time heater, to be sure, and definitely an enticer for the live sets to come.

Available December 24 via Tronic Music.

Buy Christian Smith and John Selway’s Count Zero (Part III) EP here.

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