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“This song is about a breed of snake that only lives on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan.” The description Bleep Bloop sent us in regards to his newest number may seem a little out-there to most BB outsiders, but it is, in fact, completely on-brand with the nauseatingly inventive output the dude has been floating out since the off. Outer-space bass is his self-appointed MO, and the dude takes the genre to heart on the release he’s cracking open today on Bassrush Records.

“Venom” is a bugged-out slab of low-end, the sort of cosmic carnage only someone like Bloop is capable of conjuring. It starts off innocently enough, until the twinkling melodies twist into disarray before the weight of our solar system crashes down from the hyperactive arpeggs and neurotic phrasing that slithers up and down one of the most furious beats mankind might ever know.

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