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Arty is back and “Stronger” than ever with his latest release on Insomniac Records. Featuring the talented Ray Dalton, famous for his vocals on Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us,” the record is the second single from Arty’s forthcoming debut album. With its beautiful pads, compelling lyrics and memorable chords, the track has all the right elements to inspire and push his message to the masses.

Arty gave us his insight on “Stronger” and what the song means to him:

Being closer to the fans has always been a high priority to me. I really appreciate their support, which keeps on growing from year to year—either for the music I write or the music I play on the live shows. Each and every fan is important to me. And I want all of them to hear my message: We can be stronger; we’re all capable of doing great things in our lives. Follow your path, and don’t look back!

Get the first listen to Arty’s song in the video above, which showcases the artwork made for the release. It features an illustration of a lion, signifying Arty’s motivation behind the music. The artist, Mart Biemans, tells us more about the creative process of the design:

Arty has to be one of my favourite clients, as he and his management always allow me to come up with my own ideas for the releases and give my own input on the design. Designing while recording my screen was new for me, and it actually made me quite nervous, as I knew a lot of people would be seeing it. I’m quite happy with the result, and I think it fits the song well. The lions were used as symbolism for always reaching as high as you can and climbing towards the top of the food chain. In short words, getting stronger.

“Stronger” is available now on iTunes, Beatport, Spotify and Google Play!

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