Alex Mine is a heavy-hitting producer who’s garnered attention and praise from the techno world in a relatively short number of years. With a penchant for driving beats and haunted synths, Mine has grabbed the hearts and minds of listeners across the globe. And now, he’s back to drop even more weighty sounds in the form of a rugged EP, Dawn Matter, for Dutch label Filth on Acid.

The EP itself is as true to form as it is diverse in sound, but “Andromeda” is definitely a standout track here. A thick kick rolls in with rhythmic elements in tow, before bellowing synths announce a leaden bassline. As the track locks in, the kick becomes a pneumatic brute, pumping through the dizzying wall of arpeggiated sounds. All the energy intensifies, as “Andromeda” grows ever wider, spreading like a black hole. The landscape seems to increasingly call from the farthest galaxies.

Alex Mine creates a mood and feeling that lives in the type of mentally expanding psychedelia of films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey. The future primitive beats and rhythms tie into the frenzied layers of hypnotic synths. The entire structure rises and falls like shifting orbits of planets and space debris, only to be momentarily broken by siren wails and bursts. “Andromeda” is a powerful track that surely would overtake a club sound system, pulling all listeners along with it. This is definitely a release to look out for.

Available December 14 via Filth on Acid.

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