What’s your rave spirit animal? Dance music is famous for bringing out our wild sides. Whether you feel connected to cats, snakes, birds or bugs, feeling primal is totally natural when the music is pumping, the lights are flashing, our bodies are moving along with the rhythm, and our minds are hypnotized by the beat.

John Beaver understands this deep connection between humans and animals. A zookeeper at the Happy Hollow Zoo in San Jose, CA, Beaver observes the quirks and habits of dozens of species—including red pandas, meerkats, lemurs, foxes, and jaguars—while on the job. As a multi-genre DJ, Beaver also understands how a heavy beat brings out the animal nature of many humans.

Here, Beaver breaks down the characteristics of 18 exotic animals. These mostly nocturnal creatures exhibit many raver-like behaviors, weather you’re excitable, sleepy, the leader of your crew, or someone who prefers to roll to the club solo. Scan the list of rave spirit animals to see where you fall in the dance world ecosystem.

  1. Highly active after dark
  2. Moves quickly, but only when motivated
  3. Huge ears = excellent listener
  4. Exceptionally large head
  5. Thrives in hot, humid environments
  6. Known to swing butt around while in motion
  7. Mostly devoid of hair
  1. Intensely shy
  2. Prefers spending time alone
  3. Retreats from the presence of humans
  4. Highly adaptable to new situations and settings
  5. Mating period lasts for two weeks out of the year
  6. Loves the mountains


  1. Highly stealthy
  2. Sleeps 15–20 hours a day
  3. Often remains motionless, even while awake
  4. The slowest moving mammal on earth<
  5. Emits long, high-pitched screeches when excited
  6. Descends from the trees once a week to defecate on the ground


  1. Lives alone and spends most of the day curled up in a ball
  2. Playfully social at night
  3. Eye contact with this creature is considered a bad omen
  4. Rarely leaves the trees to come down to earth
  5. Distantly related to humans


  1. Constantly scavenging for food
  2. Consumes several types of water for ultimate hydration
  3. Nomadic
  4. Easily tamed
  5. Emits a strong smell that no amount of bathing can get rid of
  6. Excellent eyesight
  7. Terrible listener


  1. Thrives in dark settings
  2. Extremely intelligent
  3. Massively determined
  4. Only comes out at night
  5. Lets out a series of screeching calls while looking for a mate
  6. Wise AF


  1. Sleeps up to 18 hours a day
  2. Extremely friendly and easy to get along with
  3. Incredibly loyal to friends and family
  4. Eats a tremendous amount for its size
  5. Needs a lot of space
  6. Vegan


  1. Strong leaders that take charge of their crews
  2. Graceful yet strong
  3. Fearless and bold
  4. Blends in easily with the natural environment
  5. Mostly solitary
  6. Famous for its beautiful coat


  1. An extremely rare creature
  2. Active mostly at night
  3. Very shy
  4. Secretive
  5. Avoids conflicts or aggressive encounters
  6. Mates for life


  1. Lighthearted yet wise
  2. Possesses a strong sense of intuition
  3. Very playful and clever
  4. Can find food in almost any situation and eats almost anything
  5. Has a good time, no matter the circumstances
  6. Forms strong bonds with family and friends
  7. Communicates with a distinctive, high-pitched call


  1. Will eat basically anything, including garbage
  2. Active after dark
  3. Has dark circles under its eyes
  4. Deeply sensitive
  5. Mischievous
  6. Has an incredible sense of hearing
  7. Skilled at climbing and swimming


  1. Thrives in dark settings
  2. Makes various grunts, screams, squeals, moans, hoots and trills
  3. Monogamous
  4. Has large, red eyes
  5. Small but strong


  1. Curls up into a ball when stressed or scared
  2. NocturnalCurious
  3. Has a long, thin body
  4. Prefers living near water
  5. Has a reputation for being dangerous, but is actually gentle and non-poisonous
  6. Considered sacred in certain cultures


  1. Covered in armor-like scales
  2. Exists mostly in dark environments
  3. Sleeps all day
  4. Curls up into a ball and rolls around from place to place
  5. Has a distinctively long tongue
  6. Emits noxious smells to keep enemies away


  1. Secretive and solitary
  2. Most active after sunset
  3. Has a slender body and distinctively beautiful face
  4. Marks and defends its territory
  5. Moves very quickly through its habitat like a stealthy ninja
  6. Great listenerLoves its babies


  1. Attracted to lights and other shiny things
  2. Totally silent
  3. Comes out at night, mostly to mate
  4. Goes through an incredible transformation during its life cycle
  5. Has a beautiful, delicate body
  6. Enjoys flying


  1. Independent and inquisitive
  2. Naturally acrobatic and agile
  3. Doesn’t enjoy change
  4. Has soft, luxurious hair
  5. Needs a lot of mental stimulation
  6. Prone to anxiety
  7. Creates strong relationships
  8. Highly compassionate caregiver



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