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If you experienced the madness that ensued at last year’s inaugural Bassrush vs. Basscon showdown, then you already know why we’re amped up and looking ahead to the return of PROJECT:Z. Touted as the “largest BASS event in North America,” the two-stage massive featured more than 20 artists from both sides of the headbanging spectrum. As the two tribes descended upon the NOS Center in San Bernardino last July, it was obvious that this was an event like no other, as the walls were rattling and the bass was rumbling across the desert valley floor in an unprecedented way.

With that in mind, we thought we’d gather up a collection of Bassrush-flavored tracks—not only to get the dubstep, trap, and drum & bass faithful hyped, but to offer up a glimpse for the Basscon heads as to what kind of monstrous vibes will be lurking within the Bassrush stage, should they choose to roll through and join forces with #TeamBassrush in worshiping the almighty bassline.

1. Zomboy “Like a Bitch” (Kill the Noise Remix)

This heavy-metal-influenced banger took the original (now classic) “Like a Bitch” from Zomboy and straight-up curb-stomped the shit out of it. This is the perfect example of the kind of heat that gets the bassheads heaving at the rails and snapping necks like there ain’t no tomorrow.

2. Herobust “Vertebreaker”

Speaking of snapping necks, the aptly titled “Vertebreaker” lives up to its name by swerving into dirty South territory and sucking the air right out of your lungs with a stomping groove that quite simply can’t be fucked with. The dirty, raw, and filthy vibe makes this one a certified, Bassrush-approved banger.

3. G Jones + Bleep Bloop “MF”

Part of a new wave of glitched-out West Coast bass producers taking shit to the next level, G Jones and Bleep Bloop go all in and knock out a proper head-twister. Taking its title from the chopped and screwed vocal hook that winds its way throughout, “MF” is psychedelic, head-nodding darkness served up with a healthy dose of grimy bottom-end.

4. Boombox Cartel “Jefe”

Pulled from their genre-bending Cartel EP, this Boombox Cartel cut has all the makings of a future classic, as it merges their love of future-leaning bass with a razor-sharp hook and streetwise vocal drop. Melodic interludes, swirling atmospheres, and that hair-raising sucker-punch bass at the core make this one worth dipping to.

5. Liquid Stranger & Space Jesus “Spaceboss”

Here’s a massive collab from two of our favorite synapse-frying producers on that outer space and bass tip. With just the right touch of electro-retro flavor and a shivering wobble, this one will bring on the bends just as you’re coming out of hyperspace, trying to find your bearings in a world suddenly turned upside-down.

6. Trampa and Trollphace “Headbang Gang”

Trampa and Trollphace crush with this chest-thumping collab that mainlines those non-FDA-approved anabolic basslines straight to the dome. If you like to feel your music as much as hear it, pop this one on a monster rig and prepare to have your insides turned inside-out. It’s nothing but wall-rattling fiyah from two of our favorite beasts from the streets.

7. Noisia “Collider” (The Upbeats Remix)

Unfolding like the intro to a sci-fi horror flick where Predator-like aliens have been unleashed upon an unsuspecting crew of space cadets, this beast of a tune takes the original fire that Noisia was spitting and transforms it into a strychnine-laced thriller. Hitting the switches and hammering home the groove with a fear-inducing sense of doom, this gnarly ride will leave you transformed once you’re spit out the other side.

8. Black Sun Empire & Prolix “No Advance”

One of our favorite cuts off Black Sun Empire’s recently released The Wrong Room album, this interstellar neurofunk cut kicks in the afterburners right from the get-go. If you like your drum & bass to grab you by the balls and swing for the stars, this one’s for you. There’s no turning back once the crew hits maximum velocity and shreds a hole in the space-time continuum.

9. Pegboard Nerds “Speed of Light” (Andy C Remix)

Taking the original boss tune from Pegboard Nerds, Andy C retains the hypnotic vibe at the core and slowly eases us into an electrifying dreamscape that dips into a 174-BPM heartbreaker that’s sure to get those hands up. It’s the kind of tune that makes you want to just pull your favorite humans close and stare out at the stars.

10. Wilkinson “Brand New”

Pulled from his recently release Hypnotic LP, the untouchable Wilkinson delivers one of his very best on one of our favorite cuts off the album. With an expert sense of just what can get the dancefloor moving, while riding that fine line between the rough and the smooth, the dark edges around this haunting burner hit where it hurts while soothing the inner beast at the same time.

PROJECT:Z 2017 takes place Saturday, August 12, at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA

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