If there is one thing we have learned from our recent hangouts with Borgore—whether we’re discussing the difference between ratchet and basic or keeping track of the levels of turn-up on a Boatgore album release party—it’s that we need to make time to hang with him more often. Because there’s never a basic moment when we’re trying to keep up with all the ratchetness (Borgore, aren’t you’re proud of our proper use of the turnt-up terminology?). As someone who has built a rep for saying anything (and we mean anything) that comes to mind, we knew Borgore would not let us down when we hit him with the Insomniac Five.

I don’t have a problem if a feminist chick says I act derogatory toward women, as long as she bases it on fact.

What is your most treasured possession?
My family.

What grinds your gears?
When uneducated people say shit from their arse. Yesterday, this dude sent me a message on Facebook saying, “You’re the worst. You need to stop.” I told him that Picasso didn’t paint portraits. He painted weird shit and people told him to stop, but he didn’t. And then he was like, “Fuck you. You just steal from people.” I told him Picasso was the dude who said, “A good artist borrows, a great artist steals.” So he trapped himself with his own sentence. I don’t have a problem if a feminist chick says I act derogatory toward women, as long as she bases it on fact. Whatever, not everyone has to love me. But when people say shit out of their arse, that’s when I get pissed off.

What’s the most disturbing event you’ve borne witness to?
A dude shoved a carrot up his arse and tried to eat it. It was a Dutch DJ. I’ve seen some disturbing shit.

What keeps you on your toes?
I’m Jewish, dude. I’m always on my toes… always three steps ahead. I just wrote an album, and I’m still worried because I haven’t written a song in the past couple of days. I’m never where I want to be. That’s my problem. There is no end to what I want to have. I have a really cool life right now, but I want more. I want to have a private jet. Then once I get a private jet, I will want to buy a fucking space shuttle.

What’s the last book you read?
The last book I read was “Inferno” by Dan Brown. I know it’s kind of mainstream, but I liked it. Although it’s fiction, a lot of the things he talks about are based on real things. After reading this book, I explored more on Dante and the Medici Family.

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