From winning the Discovery Project at EDC Las Vegas this past summer to launching an Australian tour and landing a spot at Escape: Psycho Circus this weekend, Party Thieves has kept busy the past few months. After his mega-hit collaboration, “Chîef” with ATLiens, stormed the bass music space earlier this year, Party Thieves has been on a tear, releasing one big tune after another and steadily growing his self-proclaimed Theft Army fan base.

Keeping the Halloween spirit amped up, Party Thieves threw down this exclusive Escape: Psycho Circus playlist of bubbling tracks straight from the cauldron featuring his selection of the best records out right now.

How did attending the United States Military Academy impact your music career?
It has indirectly been the greatest mishap of my life. I found my love for music while going through a lot during my last year at West Point, and since then I have been solely focused on producing music I love. Attending West Point definitely grew my abilities to focus and to be disciplined.

“Chîef” has hit over 1 million plays on SoundCloud. How did that song come about, and why do you think it got so popular?
[Laughs] “Bark bark bark bark.” Chief is quite an interesting tune. I think ATLiens would agree with me in saying we definitely didn’t expect the massive reaction it has gotten since its release, but I think it’s such a popular tune because of its uniqueness.

Do you plan on continuing to make solely trap? Or do you intend on moving into other genres in the future?
I don’t really have a game plan. My solo EP, Undrafted, definitely has a uniqueness to it in terms of style. Personally, I love trap, and I get so inspired while producing trap. Trap is always evolving. I think for now I’ll continue to produce it as well as blend other styles, but trap today is different than it was a year ago and will be different again a year from now.

Your fan base, the so-called Theft Army, seems to be growing quicker than ever. To what do you attribute the spread of the Theft Army?
Attitude. My fans are always so supportive of everything I do. Theft Army is an idea of diversity and an open culture of fans, friends, and family to just live it up and have fun. Anyone can be drafted into the Theft Army as long as you’re ready to have an open attitude and spread good vibes.

Are you dressing up for Escape? Do you have any surprises in store for us?
I had asked so many artists if they were dressing up, but it seems like most will rock the usual “industry black” as I like to call it. However, my whole squad has a good treat for Escape. You’ll see on Friday.

Get those trap arms stretched out and ready to see Party Thieves play at Escape: Psycho Circus, where he’ll perform Friday, October 30 at 4:30 pm at the Chopping Block.

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