I run hot as it is already, so by the time summer shows its bright and shiny face, my body is begging for a whole lot of A/C action. Abe, who is currently raising the temp on the trap thermometer under his Ookay moniker, isn’t really making it any easier on me. The SoCal producer is dishing out the type of heat that makes me want to crack open a fire hydrant to cool off a bit. His sets are all about keeping crowds lit from start to finish, and anyone who caught him at EDC Las Vegas will tell you it went all the way off (big ups to Papa Ookay, who took the stage to play live bass with his mijo). Before we jump into his five scorching tracks, Ookay wants to tell you, “It’s too hot; let’s move to Antarctica, fam.” My bags have been packed, Abe. Your move.

Partysquad & DJ Alvaro “Lucky Star”

A long time ago, I organized a water gun fight in San Diego, and this was one of the songs I was putting on loop while putting it together. One of the most fun times I’ve had!

Bag Raiders “Sunlight”

Again, this is a song I used to play a lot while roaming around the beach and pre-partying before going to see acts in San Diego during day parties, like Afrojack or Dada Life, when I was just a fan and not even making music yet!

Riva Starr & DJ Sneak “Manduka” (DJ Sneak Cut)

This was a big 4th of July song for me when I started DJing locally in my hometown at pool parties. Good memories with this one—also very groovy.

Coaster “Found U”

When I created this song (yes, Coaster is my side project), I was thinking about John Cena the whole time—which I think is very important, because #1 America and #2 America.

Oddisee “That’s Love”

This is a fun song with a great vibe and message. I listen to it a lot when I bike around Los Angeles. Perfect for summer, in my opinion.

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