We all journey down different paths in our daily lives. Some of us work on ships and submarines; others are MBA students, elementary school front desk clerks, and anthropology lecturers, to name a few. When we venture to a festival, however, we remove our costumes and transform into truer versions of ourselves, meeting in a world that allows us to leave all our worries (and boring-ass clothes) behind.

Insomniac celebrates #TransformationTuesday by asking six unique Headliners to discuss their lives in and out of the festival.

Headliner: Antonio G.

Age: 24
Hometown: La Crescenta, CA
Occupation: Lecturer in cultural and psychological anthropology
How long have you been raving? 8 years
What is your favorite Insomniac memory?
There are so many amazing memories with Insomniac: my first EDC (in 2010), with my mom and a huge group of friends; EDC Las Vegas 2014, when my best friend flew in from Italy to meet me for EDC Week; and more. Overall, though, my favorite memory is definitely my first Dreamstate SoCal. It was a life-changing reunion of my global trance family, and I’ve looked forward to every Dreamstate event ever since.

Headliner: Jacqueline P.

Age: 26
Hometown: Denver, CO
Occupation: Patient account representative
How long have you been raving? 9 years
What is your favorite Insomniac memory?
It would have to be during Dash Berlin’s set at EDC Las Vegas 2016. He played “Heaven” while the sun was coming out. I looked around, and everyone was “in the feels.” When the bass dropped, the water fountains shot up to the sky, the confetti blasted, and in that moment, everything was perfect. We were all one.

Headliner: Alex M. (aka “Mama Bear”)

Age: 21
Hometown: Salem, VA
Occupation: Shipyard health and safety
How long have you been raving? Less than a year
What is your favorite Insomniac memory?
It would have to be Middlelands! It was my first big festival, and it changed me. It was literally the best weekend of my life so far. I met so many amazing people and got a feel for how this community really does accept anyone with open arms. I started a back massage train during Bassnectar, and it made people happy, which in turn made me happy! Who doesn’t love a good back rub?

Headliner: Mark A.

Age: 25
Hometown: Manila, Philippines
Occupation: Restaurant general manager and MBA student
How long have you been raving? 7 years
What is your favorite Insomniac memory?
My favorite memory was when I got married to my boyfriend at EDC. It was such a magical moment! I guess heaven right now is a devil and angel away.

Headliner: Nadia G.

Age: 24
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Occupation: Elementary school front desk clerk
How long have you been raving? 4 years
What is your favorite Insomniac memory?
My favorite memory is definitely from bassPOD at EDC! Every year that I’ve attended EDC, the sets and vibes at that stage have always been incredible. I never thought that being smooshed together in 110-degree weather, with fire blowing in your face, would be so much fun. bassPOD is home!

Headliner: Rayy VB

Age: 25
Hometown: Corona, CA
Occupation: AP coordinator & EDC writer
How long have you been raving? 5 years
What is your favorite Insomniac memory?
I loved Sunday of EDC Las Vegas 2017. On the first day, I was questioning whether or not my fourth consecutive EDC would be my last. When it hit Sunday, though, it became obvious as to why I keep coming back. The vibe, the love, the fun, the music, the friends—everything could not have been more perfect. I have never felt more at home.

If you would like the chance to celebrate #TransformationTuesday with Insomniac, please email your best transformation photos to osteinbe@gmail.com by Tuesday, August 22.



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