[Editor’s Note: The word “ratchet” was used 42 times throughout this interview.]

Borgore loves three things in life: bass, babes and El Pollo Loco. Though his music doesn’t focus much on the latter, his latest banger, “Ratchet,” sums up his unquenchable thirst for the first two essential Bs.

Borgore is poised to unleash the #NEWGOREORDER with his debut album, out July 8 on Dim Mak and his indie imprint Buygore. Before the onslaught, the bass connoisseur dissects America’s obsession with ratchet culture and offers tips on how to go from #basic to classy.

What is “ratchet”?
It’s hard to define because there are things that are good ratchet. and there are things that are really bad ratchet. Like in bed, if a chick is acting ratchet, it can be good. Being ratchet is letting loose, in a way.

Is being ratchet a way of life?
Some people are stuck in the ratchet life. For some, you can turn it on and off. Some people prefer to go shopping at Wal-Mart rather than anywhere else, prefer to eat at a buffet rather than eating in a regular restaurant, or prefer to have shitty tattoos in horrible places. That’s a ratchet way of life.

Here’s a thought: Rappers made being ghetto cool. I think Miley Cyrus is doing a similar thing with ratchet life. Do you think she is making it cool to be ratchet?
Miley Cyrus is super ratchet, but it’s not cheap ratchet. It’s like an “I have money” ratchet. She makes a lot of things that shouldn’t be cool, cool.

Borgore feat. Miley Cyrus “Decisions” (Official Music Video):

Is Diplo the most ratchet DJ in EDM right now?
He makes a lot of chicks act very, very ratchet. If anything, he is a ratchet conductor. He’s keeping it very classy, wearing suits, but then he has ghetto-ass chicks doing ghetto-ass shit.

What about the girl DJs? Who is the most ratchet of them all?
During the last couple of days, I was asking people, “What’s ratchet?”, and a chick said, “Krewella.” Krewella is the opposite of ratchet. You don’t see Krewella going onstage wearing a thong. At the same time, all of these pop stars are showing their tits and ass wherever they can. Krewella and NERVO, they’re very not ratchet. For a female, that’s the best thing to have: keeping it super classy, but when it matters—when it’s money time—you’re ratchet.

Who is more ratchet: people in hip-hop or EDM?
I think hip-hop. I’ve seen dudes in hip-hop running a train on one chick, which is something that I don’t know if DJs will do. I mean some of them, maybe, but me and my friends don’t get one chick and then go over her, one after the other or together. It’s not our style.

What’s the most ratchet city in America?
In America, next to every big city, there is a smaller ratchet city. America is ratchet.

What makes America ratchet?
People don’t really care about the quality of things, as long as the price is low. McDonalds, how are you guys selling a burger for one dollar and making a profit? It cannot be a real burger. And for America to support it, that’s ratchet. I don’t want people to have the vibe of me going against America because I love it. I’m the first to go by Jack in the Box at 3 am.

Can you go from ratchet to classy?
As long as we’re in a capitalistic society that accepts everyone, you can do everything. You can be born ratchet and become a genius.

Can you be both ratchet and classy at the same time?
I try to keep it both at the same time. You go to the club dressed really nice, you just leave with a lot of vomit on your clothes when you’re done.

Let’s talk about your Ratchet Fan video contest. What are you looking for from the submissions?
Bring anything. Going on a date to Taco Bell, that’s pretty ratchet. Going to a donkey show while in Tijuana is very, very ratchet, but it’s also illegal in California. Don’t give me stuff that I can’t use.

If there’s a chick that will grab a drain pole or something, put it in the middle of Wal-Mart and start doing tricks on it while her friends are throwing money at her. Or the other way around, if it’s a dude with a bunch of chicks. I’m not misogynistic, as people would love to think I am.

Borgore Breaks Down the Ratchet Video Contest! #NEWGOREORDER:

Borgore, the equal opportunity ratcheteer.
All of us are weird. You only live once. You gotta accept it.

You ever date any basic chicks?
Everyone’s dated a basic chick once.

What’s your opinion on basic chicks?
Basic chicks are basic. A basic chick is a chick that is not educated, a chick that goes after money or fame, a chick that will fuck any DJ just because he’s a DJ. That’s a basic chick. And some nights you’re not looking for the intelligent ones. Everyone’s been there. But basic chicks will fuck you up, dude. You will get STDs.

What’s the difference between basic and ratchet?
A lot of basic chicks are ratchet as fuck. It’s more of a choice and when you decide to be ratchet. You can go from basic to classy. Sometimes all it takes is to read a bunch of books and finish high school. That’s even tough for some people.

If you could send one message to all the ratchets in the world, what would it be?
Honestly, it’s not just ratchets. It’s everyone in the world. You do need to enjoy life because we got a present to be here. Going out and having a little drink and acting a little ratchet—it’s cool, it’s fun. Be yourself.

Enjoy the ratchet life.
Enjoy life. It’s fun to be ratchet sometimes.

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