Remember being a kid, watching Salute Your Shorts on Nickelodeon after school and wishing you could go to such a strange and magical land, where adults act like kids and kids are troll-master fun champions? If you’re a real ‘90s kid, you definitely do, and if you don’t, it’s okay. The summer camp experience just got even brilliantly weirder, and what’s more, this time it’s totally real.

Claude VonStroke and his dirtybird players announced a three-day music-festival-meets-summer-camp experience, and besides sets from the latest and greatest the booty house gods have to offer, there will be games, friends, awkward kisses, rides, funny uniforms, and so much more. Here are our five favorite attractions. The awful waffle is up to you.

Animal Encounters

Want to go fishing with Claude VonStroke? Why not take a nature walk with J.Phlip? The DJs that have you howling at the moon want to explore the wilderness with you. Just remember to walk with caution. These people are DJs, not Bear Grylls.

Three Interactive Space Places

TV teaser 2 from Fungineers on Vimeo.

dirtybird hired three very special groups of shenaniganeers to set up mind-bending activity arenas throughout the campground. The Grand Antique, a few brothers and their wild friends, are ready to sell and trade all sorts of grand items with you at their signature bar, the Grand Canteen, right next to the mainstage. They’ll be leading strange games, like the egg toss and sack races, and they’ll get you drunk. Imagine Nation will handle the late-night stage shindigs, complete with comedy and more fun camping games, though it’s their intricate stage design that’ll blow your mind. Finally, the Fungineers will bring a must-see mobile puppet TV stage around the grounds, just in case you start to feel too normal.

Show Off

It’s not just about the dirtybird crew. You freaky feathered fans are just as talented, and they want to see what you’ve got. Take part in the many entertainment hours, from talent shows to standup comedy corners, and give your unbeknownst fans a show they won’t soon forget.

Miniature Golf

Dude! Goofy golf, the dirtybird crew, and you? We feel no need to elaborate on this one.

Booty Bass and Booty Baes

It should go without saying, but three days of fun tied together by sets from Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, J.Phlip, Kill Frenzy, Ardalan, Christian Martin, Lee Foss, Lunice, Nosaj Thing and tons more, plus special guests, is just absolutely breathtaking. We can’t make any promises, but if we know dirtybird (and we do), some classic and funkadelic rappers will definitely be in store. Your butt better be ready for this foresty dancefloor, because you’re about to get a seriously silly workout.

For more information on the dirtybird Campout, visit the official website. Tickets are available now.

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