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It was a track called “Bomboclat” that catapulted 4B’s career from making edits and mashups and playing weekly parties in New Jersey to touring nationally and releasing on Dim Mak and Mad Decent. The 22-year-old producer certainly has a fire lit under his wings, and he’ll be bringing that same energy to EDC New York’s kineticFIELD Memorial Day weekend (for tickets to EDC New York, head to the website and check out the full lineup here. ). Be forewarned: His fierce, Jersey club-inspired music takes no prisoners, and this time, he’ll be playing to a hometown crowd.

To find out more about the latest addition to the EDC New York lineup, read our Q&A with 4B and check out his playlists below.

You’re making your EDC New York debut this year to a hometown crowd. What does that feel like?
I don’t think it’s going to feel real until I touch the stage and play my first song.

What are a few words that best describe what your EDC New York set is going to be like?
Aggressive and energetic.

You’ve gone from playing weekly parties in New Jersey to touring around the country and releasing tracks on Dim Mak, Mad Decent and more. What has that journey been like? 
It’s been a long and crazy process so far, but I’ve learned so much. Actually, learning that hard work pays off is the most rewarding. Having nothing handed to me has made me a better person. It has been an incredible journey, and I am excited for what lies ahead!

You’re known for your aggressive, Jersey club-infused sound. How did you home in on that and perfect producing it? Was there a particular track or producer that really did it for you? 
It was really trial and error between combining my love for electro house and other electronic genres and Jersey club. I think after I made “Bomboclat,” I really found my lane and my sound.

Why should no one miss your performance at EDC New York?
I’m playing circuitGROUNDS at the biggest dance festival in my hometown. It’s my obligation to make a statement.

Midnight Ride

When the clock strikes 12, these are the songs 4B’s cranking up in the car.

Gym Playlist

Watch the sweat drip right off your face with 4B’s gym-inspired playlist.

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