To say that Yellow Claw had an amazing 2015 would be a severe understatement. The Dutch trio had a slew of massive releases and just put out their Blood for Mercy LP. Their stellar year’s not over yet, as they’re set to tear apart Countdown NYE. Here’s a snapshot of 20 of their favorites from this past year for our #20for15 interview.

1. Song

​2. Album

​3. DJ Mix

​4. Music Video

​5. Album Cover

​6. Gig

​7. Word/Phrase/Saying

8. Book/Film/TV Show

9. Character

Daario Naharis in Game of Thrones.

10. YouTube Moment

11. Purchase

We bought these café racers to drive when we are home, and they’re sweet!

12. Discovery

The music industry is full of crooks.

13. Trend

14. Day Off

We took 40 days off and chilled on the island of Bali in Indonesia, which was really nice. We did nothing but sleep, swim, read and eat nasi goreng with sate ayam.

15. Holy Shit Moment

16. Meal

17. Place Traveled

18. Travel Accessory

Our tour manager Reggie De Wit.

19. App

20. Photo of You



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