You don’t need to rack your brain to figure out why Miriam and Olivia have been given the #wcw nod by basically anyone with internet access. But it’s not just their ridiculously good looks that have the whole world crushing this hard. Mim and Liv are the complete package, twinning in every conceivable area on an artist’s checklist. They’re charismatic and adored to death by their NERVO nation following, they pack Grammy-winning songwriting skills, and they can rock the hell out of any venue they set foot in. The list goes on, but you get the idea.

It’s been a nonstop climb for the sibling duo this year. Between a rigorous tour sched and dropping their debut Collateral LP, they’ve sacrificed what little free time they have to getting behind breast cancer awareness. I guess when you’re the leading ladies in dance music, it’s hard not to have your hands full.

“Our year has flown by,” they told us. “We haven’t had much time off, and when we have, we have tried to spend it with mum. We released our first-ever album and put together a charity, along with all the touring and time spent making new music. It has been MANIC and MENTAL and MARVELOUS! Let’s get together in 2016. Come stay with us in Ibiza in the summer!”

While we book our flights, let’s dive into NERVO’s 20 for ‘15:

1. Song

This record was the summer tune for 2015. We love the vibes and the production, and the music video is dope.

2. Album

Love the honesty in his lyrics.

3. DJ Mix

Solomun and Sven Vath’s b2b at Cocoon, Amnesia in Ibiza during the summer. It was pretty epic.

4. Music Video 

Just brilliant!

5. Album Cover 

It’s pretty cool and unexpected, with no image of himself. Just checked out iTunes album covers, and the Kylie Minogue Christmas album caught our eye. Kylie in a little red dress on a sleigh is getting us well revved up for Christmas :p

6. Gig 

Our favorite performance this year was Tomorrowland in Brazil. It was the first Tomorrowland in South America and the crowd was absolutely insane. We had a great slot on the main stage and played a lot of our new songs and we got a great response. We’re still on a high from it! Ravers in South America are some of our favorite people to play for.

07. Word/Phrase/Saying 

We say this to our managers when they think we’re being annoying for asking them to do things, lol.

08. Book/Film/TV Show 

Outlander! Liv is obsessed with the lead actor, Sam Heughan.

09. Character 

Jamie Fraser in Outlander. He’s strong, passionate, loyal, hot(!) and romantic!

10. YouTube Moment 

We are constantly watching funny YouTube clips before we go to bed. It’s a great way to unwind. Lately, we are loving anything with animals acting cute. There are some really funny ones where dogs think they are humans.

11. Purchase

Liability insurance: in case we get sued by a fan who gets injured at one of our gigs!

12. Discovery 

The world has a long way to go! With riots in St. Louis, bombs in Paris and refugees dying at sea, we really need to work together to sort this out. It’s 2015, and no one should be judged for their color or sexual orientation or go without clean water!

13. Trend 

Real titties are back in fashion (thanks to Miley Cyrus baring hers).

14. Day Off

We haven’t had a day off yet this year, lol. But I guess you could say: a non-gig day in Ibiza, chilling with friends, eating paella, and slowly catching up on emails. Oh, actually, we had a few days off after New Year’s Eve in Miami with friends. We had dinner at our favorite crab shack. That was fun!

15. Holy Shit Moment 

Just last weekend in Buenos Aires, when we played the mainstage at Creamfields in front of 20,000 people. We still can’t believe we get to do our passion for our job!

16. Meal 

At Scorpios in Mykonos. Looking onto the ocean, drinking rosé with some good friends = heaven!

17. Place Travelled 

Punta del Este. We stayed in cabins at the most immense hotel, called Hotel Fasano. Our rooms looked out to rolling hills, and we could see the ocean in the background.

18. Travel Accessory

Mim: Barocca.

Liv: MAC face wipes. They’re perfect for after gigs.

19. App

A video posted by NERVO (@nervomusic) on May 15, 2015 at 8:36pm PDT

Dubsmash. Always fun!

20. Photo

This is from when we performed at Tomorrowland Belgium!

What are you up to on New Year’s Eve? Celebrate with the Insomniac family and join us at Countdown. Tickets are available for purchase here.

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