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With so many labels putting out annual retrospectives as a matter of course, Viper was smart to wait until we cleared the hurdle of the new year before they unleashed theirs unto the world. The Viper Annual 2019 compilation is fashionably late—releasing worldwide on Wednesday, January 9—and it’s a good thing, since it’s such a massive release containing lots of exclusives to digest.

One morsel we found interesting on the package is a track called “Eclipse,” by rising drum & bass stars Zombie Cats. Known generally for their hard-hitting, dirty neurofunk from previous releases on Eatbrain, Blackout and Bad Taste, as well as Viper, they’re taking a bit of a departure on this cut. It’s a bit steppier and cleaner, allowing it to fit into Viper’s solid dancefloor acumen.

“This track is neurofunk with a suit and tie on,” Zombie Cats tell Insomniac. “Huge mixdown—fun for the whole dancefloor family.” No matter how they’re dressing their tracks up, this group is, indeed, always a good time.

With a slow, melodic build, the neuro groove on “Eclipse” is subtle. It’s more in the synths than the drums, which are classic Viper-y jump-up fun. The aforementioned synths are a sine wave structure, whomping in and out of the mix, adding some of Zombie Cats’ dirty vibes to the otherwise light and ravey track. It’s a tune that jams in the dance, so expect to see it a lot in the spring festival season.

With 36 tracks covering lots of subgenres, highlighting the best of 2018 and bringing fresh flavor like Zombie Cats’ “Eclipse” for 2019, Viper Annual 2019 is definitely a must-cop. Happy New Year, bassheads!

Available January 5 via Viper Recordings.

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