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Dance music’s chief objective—as inherently stated in its name—is to put bodies in motion. Sometimes, though, that mission can be accomplished while simultaneously stirring up emotions that go beyond the simple desire to dance. On his latest single, Dallas-based producer Zander has teamed up with constant collaborator Taylor to tap into the sentimental side of breaks with a cathartic cut that’s due out on Prime this week.

“‘Show me’ was an opportunity for us to explore a more emotive direction on the sound that has influenced us lately,” Zander tells Insomniac. “The song ended up being about loved ones lost—people in my life that either I wasn’t able to show them how I truly felt or regret not being able to show them (in time).”

“There is something insincere about a lot of uplifting music I hear,” adds Taylor. “For me, it’s not realistic. I tend to resonate more with the darker, enveloping atmospheres. However, ‘Show Me’ is presented as the grey area I can find within that space that provides an opposition to the typical rainy-day feeling.”

The outcome of their combined effort is a powerful breakbeat creation that plays out like a sliver of sunshine piercing through a bleak, grey-covered sky. Pitched-up vocals float atop ethereal padlines as they stretch outward, until colliding with thunderous low-end, hopelessly optimistic string arpeggiations, and snappy percussive programming. Zander and Taylor have found the perfect balance between motion and emotion on a track that will serve as a silver lining, no matter how crummy your day might be going.

Available July 25 via Prime.

Buy Zander’s “Show Me” here.

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