A few years have flown by since we last turned our sights on Kotelett & Zadak, when they lovingly raided our speakers with “Secret Police.” The Berlin-based duo have cast plenty of more colorful creations in the time that has passed, while establishing a regular presence on the Exploited Ghetto catalog through chart-climbing cuts, including their most recent, “Amplifire.” Adding onto that momentum now, the boys are filing their follow-up, “Roadhouse,” a heady club construction that takes its time maneuvering through ghostly 8-bit textures, heady flourishes, and a haunting vocal refrain from a show you might nerd out on if crime drama TV is your speed.

“We are big fans of David Lynch‘s Twin Peaks,” Kotelett & Zadak tell insomniac. “The track is inspired by the Roadhouse in that series—strange bands playing and mysterious things happen every night.”

Taking that brooding soul into a slightly more upbeat lane is Whitesquare on remix duties. The Italian producer has a knack for incorporating organic-based drums into his work. He uses this trait to great effect by laying down an easygoing conga rhythm and marimba combination that is made all the more exotic with its sampled bird chirps, analog basslines, and soft chimes tossed gently into the mix. The route Whitesquare takes here is both spacious and irresistibly seductive, and all roads lead to an at-one-with-nature moment on the dancefloor.

Buy Kotelett & Zadak’s “Roadhouse” here.

Available August 20 via Exploited Ghetto.

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