Up-and-coming UK talent Vellum is blazing his own road in the bass realm. Carefully picking bits from a myriad of sounds, he manages to craft the best of all possible worlds in the low-end. As such, it makes total sense that Vellum is about to drop some fiery new numbers with the mad scientists over at Saucy Music.

The title track of this short and sweet two-track EP, Scriptures, is a dancefloor-shaking, screwface-wrenching heater. Going straight in with serious bass stabs and live rounds of 808s, this number builds its power from deep dubstep and grime. But these elements soon melt together under a four-on-the-floor beat that ups the grit even further in the bass department. Dirty punctuations and wide-open spaces keep “Scriptures” rich and complicated.

This is the kind of track that could easily drop at a deep heads’ night or a wild bass house party. Either way, it has the power to potentially explode the dancefloor. Vellum proves there isn’t one right or wrong way to explore low-end styles. And between the solid production and creative risk-taking, this is one producer who is sure to only get bigger.

Available August 6 via Saucy Music.

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