“Sometimes, you can find a good track to rework in your own portfolio, and you don’t need to go through other people’s classics,” Spanish wunderkind UNER tells Insomniac. And he’s right. His 2017 track “Palkyong” is one of the lushest pieces of techno to grace our ears in a while, so we were thrilled to hear he was reworking it for his own label, Solar Distance.

Building on a steady pulse, he gradually introduces syncopated beats, spacey synths, and dreamy piano chords that swirl around each other, creating a harmonious vortex that feels like it’s going to pull you out of your body. To pay it high praise, it echoes in spirit and tone some of the work by the master of deep electronic music, Larry Heard. Apparently for this rework, UNER has swapped out machines for instruments, and the difference comes through in the organic feel of the track. It is a romantic slice of dance music that deservedly has found its way into discerning sets.

“I have been playing ‘Palkyong’ since I finished the track, and [it’s] always had great feedback from other artists,” says the classically trained artist, who has released tracks on Diynamic, Cadenza, Get Physical, 2020 Vision, Defected and, most recently, Sol Selectas. We can’t say we’re surprised.

Available December 21 via Solar Distance.

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