While their cartoon depictions might send a sense of security to some, the G-rated Volac project is anything but child-friendly. The Russian duo, formed by Stas and Sasha, has been ruthlessly running the streets for a while now, after throwing themselves deep into the crossfire of the house and hip-hop merger. Everyone seems to want a piece of the action, with their hood-approved productions having popped off for Night Bass, Sweat It Out!, Bunny Tiger, and CUFF. They’re slated to return to the latter on their next outing, with two disgustingly dope cuts loaded into the chamber.

“UZI,” the titular bit from the release, is a choppy house cut positioned on equal parts street smarts and unforgiving sass. Built around a minced-and-mangled vocal sample, the tune rattles and rolls underneath the pressure of thudding basslines, droopy pads, and a few twinkling keys scattered out over time. The result is a whopping cut worthy of posting with a few fire emojis attached on the end. Here’s what Volac has to say about it:

When we started the track “UZI,” at first we created two different basslines and сut some phrases from an interview, and used a special vocal technique. At the end, we made a breakdown with piano and string sounds. When we finished the track, we immediately decided to send it to Amine Edge & DANCE. It was definitely our best track, and after two weeks we received this reply from Amine: “We want to sign this track, this is bomb, haha.” It was an amazing moment when we got this. We believed in this track and were happy to sign it with CUFF. We are glad to be part of the CUFF team again. They are helping us to push our career. We will always remember these moments.
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