Save your too-many-chiefs comment; there’s no harm whatsoever in Wongo, Kyle Watson, Tom EQ, Jeff Doubleu and Jak Z squadding up to form their almighty artist collective. In fact, we’re getting all giddy seeing the whole gang together. They’ve dubbed this superbly stacked brainchild of theirs Box of Cats, and it’s got so much muscle under the hood that all we can hear is purring.

“Box of Cats is a serious but fun collective idea where we can all express ourselves without bias,” Wongo told Insomniac. “We have already had a massive amount of support ranging from icons like Sinden through to the hype machine that is Motez—even Hijack has popped in to say his praise. We have had a crazy amount of demos from young up-and-comers, too, and that’s exactly what we want; we want to create a community of like-minded people that write good records.”

After hitting us with the label’s debut at the start of the month, “Sizzle,” the boys are following on strong with more slimy work. Next in the queue is a brilliant bit from Jak Z called “Ankle Fluff,” aimed directly at the wonky-bred heads, and Tom EQ steps in to give it a frisky, fidgety rerub. The mix rollicks around with its scuffling drum hits, a feisty vocal and sheeny synthlines to show this living legend has still got it (not like anyone would beg to differ). They’re handing this one out free of charge, so you know what to do.

Available for free download via Box of Cats.

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