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If there’s anything to be said about Michael Calderone and Austin Hall, it’s that they have a way with rocking the space. An understated gem in trance music, Space Rockerz are sitting on a stellar single slated to see them shatter the ceiling. The impending success of “Again” is an open-and-shut case, as it’s currently being repped by global influencers Above & Beyond and Armin van Buuren. This perfectly polished offering will speak to modern-day trancers just as much as those clinging to days gone by, with a meeting-in-the-middle mentality that will having you raging to the riveting peak-time riffs while you give in to its surrender-to-the-sound melodies.

Available November 2 via Black Hole Recordings.
Did you discuss or exchange ideas with other producers while creating this track?
On our recent single “Again,” yes, we made small bounces of what I was working on—like a 20-second or minute clip of the important parts of the song (theme/chorus or groove/drop)—and sent them to our manager and other artists whom we trust to have a close listen to give us positive feedback. We are lucky enough to have some pretty awesome friends—acts such as Above & Beyond and Markus Schulz have given us some of the greatest feedback presently and in the past on multiple recordings. We just bounce sections or tunes to them, asking what they think. Sometimes, they ask us to change a few things to cater more to their live DJ sets. That alone can get your record signed, and basically getting the best feedback ever while adding the finishing touches to the tune in the creative process.

Was there one particular moment in the recording or mixing process of this track that made you feel as though you were creating something pretty damn special?
YAAASSSS, remembering the first time after we heard it mastered, Austin looked at me (Michael) and said, “Look at the hair on my arm; it’s standing straight up.” Sure enough, Austin had goosebumps on his arm. I get a really special feeling from this.

Who is the ideal person to remix this track?
We feel the track is already what trance fans love to pinhole and describe as a subgenre of 138 trance, and all that other garble is trance 2.0. Having said that, we would actually like to see a 135-BPM trance mix of this, but not done sloppy with elements that sound like they are samples from ‘99. We think Ferry Corsten would absolutely kill this tune, especially with his lush synth style and heavy groove. He would bring a lot to this. Who knows—his label is part of Black Hole, and that is where “Again” is signed to, so if we send all the good vibes we can out into the universe, something positive will happen. 🙂

What’s your favorite sound/synth/effect/etc. used here, and why?
Currently, my favorite synth is called Phalanx by Vengeance. They NAILED it when they made this monster. You can do so much with it—create the fattest grooves and craziest industrial sounds, vocal samples, etc. It does it all—kinda like that tool that I can’t live without. It’s honestly one of the most downright, straight business samplers I’ve ever seen (damn, I plugged that plugin hard; they should be hooking us up). But truthfully, it’s a lifesaver and not a very well-known plugin, so it could make a difference for some of you out there reading this. Getting that extra spice in your rack that not too many people are using. It could be a huge help to stand out and be an individual with your sound.

How do you measure the “success” (whatever that means to you) of a track?
We’d measure this a couple of different ways: The first time we send an original song out to a label, we see if they like it and what their initial response is. Most of these A&R-ers are very experienced on what they are listening to and looking for a certain sound. So, their first response lets us initially measure success.

Then comes the promo feedback. When the label sends out your track for promo to their exclusive list of DJs, blogs and promotion companies, they all send feedback with a 1-5 star rating and explanation of what they think about the recording. This is a measure of what kind of impact your track will have right away.

Third, when your track releases, how far it climbs up the dance charts—last but certainly not least—is six months after your track has released and the public has either held you in the highest regard and anticipating your next track, or they drag you through the mud and say, “You were drunk in the studio making that, and what were you thinking?”

Buy “Again” on Black Hole Recordings.

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