Dutch trance maestro Ruben de Ronde has steadily carved a niche for himself the past few years with his Statement! Music imprint, existing under the Armada label but specializing in sounds of the more progressive variety. Only just last month, he joined with countryman Rodg for an entire album of powerhouse collaborations on TogetheRR. They’ve plucked one of its bigger moments to represent as the official anthem for the Dutch Electronic Family event. And this time, Ben Gold has also been recruited into the fold.

Putting aside the deeper shades often heard on Statement! for something that’s a little more euphoric, “BombSquadKittens” oozes classic uplifting trance appeal, with its main melodic hook built from the ground up for getting those hands in the air. It’s a track that all three producers have a lot of enthusiasm for, and they’re all pleased with the team effort.

“I have worked with Ben before, which ended up great,” says de Ronde. “Logically, when Rodg and myself discussed which artists we wanted to work with for the TogetheRR album, his name was one of the first to pop up!”

Rodg also points to Gold as a producer he’s looked up to for a while. “Being able to collaborate with him on the album I did with Ruben de Ronde was amazing. I’m super happy with the result. I’ve been playing the record in my DJ sets since ASOT Utrecht, and the crowd always goes mental on the melody.”

These sentiments are also supported by Ben Gold himself. “Ruben and I have a pretty good track record when it comes to making music together,” he says. “I was super happy that they asked me to collaborate on a tune for their album! It turned out great!”

Available July 21 via Statement! Music.

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