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Overjoy’s newest remix of Dena Amy’s “Wait for You” is everything we’ve wanted and more from the stellar trio. Since they hit us with their first EP back in 2015, the longtime friends and L.A. natives have proven time and time again they can conquer anything they put their minds to. Known for combining live elements such as a keyboard, drum machines, and tambourine with their synth work, Overjoy has turned their sights over to Amy’s captivating single on Sweat It Out! Music.

With light, melodic lyrics, airy beats and mesmerizing elements of soul, bass and funk, their “Wait For You” remix becomes an addiction the moment it seeps through your speakers. The calming basslines pair perfectly with the sweet sounds captured by the talented producers. It creates a unique energy with its experimental and eclectic sounds, which leaves you in a seamless groove.

“We were very happy to be asked to remix ‘Wait for You,’ as both Dena and the Sweat crew are our great friends,” Overjoy tells Insomniac. “Creatively, we approached the remix from what we thought would be a totally different vibe than what the other remixers might do; like, instead of speeding it up, we slowed it down, and instead of being more synth-based, we used live guitars for a lot of it. It was lots of fun to work on and we hope you enjoy it.”

Available November 18 via Sweat It Out.
Dena Amy’s “Wait for You” Remixes available here.

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