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If you’re like us, you’ve been carefully jotting down mental notes the entire year in an effort to keep track of the sickest tunes that have made themselves known. Even though the list is already spilling over the edges, Dom Dolla arrives with a dope addition that will indubitably top every other entry on that imaginary legal pad in your mind. The looming Melbourne-based producer has been dominating the dancefloor like it’s no one’s business, and he has somehow managed to outdo himself on the newest single being served up on Sweat It Out! Music.

“You” is the name of his certified house smasher, and it boasts a hook so infectious, it’s surprising the CDC hasn’t issued an official warning notifying the public of the pandemic production. The vocals alone are swoon-worthy and then some, mounted in the middle of sleek stabs, swelling pads, and heart-fluttering basslines. Per usj, Dom Dolla is right on the money. Before you go dedicating the sweet-toothed single to your special someone, catch a few words from the brains behind it all:

I’m a huge fan of RnB vox melodies, irrespective of their lyrical content. Like many house producers, sampling old ‘90s toplines is one of my favourite past-times. With this record, however, I was really trying to hone my writing ability, specifically writing melodies based on the “vocal gymnastics” side of the RnB hooks that are used in modern house.

This record initially started as a hummed vocal in my phone memos; from there, I fleshed out the lyrics and began to work on a bass hook I feel would mold best to the mood I was trying to create. I suppose I approached this one from more of a songwriting perspective, rather than club production. I feel like the end result is a good balance between the two worlds I love.

Available now via Sweat It Out!.
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