We’re in the final stretch of 2015, and most artists are content with kicking things into autopilot to coast into the New Year—but Nathan Barato is not most producers. The Toronto native would rather cap off a productive year with a tech-house bang, and he’s cooked up a full-flavored release for Kaluki Musik to make it so. “When I Do (My Thang)” is a speaker licker that thumps with unforgiving brashness and maxed-out sass, due largely to the Chi-Town confidence Kid Enigma reserves on the mic.

Three of Manchester’s finest also step into the frame—among them Solardo, who find time in their exhausting release schedule to inject the mighty roller with screeching stabs and a roided-up rhythm that’ll clear the way with its analog power. With a flurry of EPs on the way in the next couple of months on labels like Madtech, Of Unsound Mind, Snatch and more, it explains why this overactive duo keeps at a 12-hour-a-day regimen in the studio. It’s paying off, that’s for sure.

Available now via Kaluki Musik.

If you were to describe this track as a scent—a signature fragrance, as it were—what would it be called, and what would its tagline be?
It would smell like old crusty wax that was very warm and thick smelling—perhaps a little Christmas-like, haha.

Were you impulsive on this track, or did you have a sketch in mind before you started?
The tune got put together really quickly. We work quick most the time, but sometimes, things just really flow and fit together, like it did in this case. We were really into the original, and I think that we could instantly hear where we wanted to go on the track. We wanted it to be stripped-back, hard-hitting and straight for the dancefloor.

Was there one particular moment in the recording or mixing process of this track that made you feel as though you were creating something pretty damn special?
I think it was when we had all the elements in place, like the beat, sample and FX. We then came up with the bass pattern on the first attempt, which just set off the track. Then, we did a little rain dance around the studio and finished it out fairly quickly. Rain dancing in our studio world is generally a good thing!

Describe the best setting/activity to hear this track.
Undoubtedly on the dancefloor, in a venue with a sick system.

What’s the takeaway here? Is there a message or vibe you hope to get across to listeners?
We make tunes for the dancefloor! Every tune we do is aimed at that, and the people dancing on it, and making sure they have a wicked time! Everything we do is for the people there!

How do you measure the “success” (whatever that means to you) of a track?
If the people dance that little bit harder than the track played before!

Buy Nathan Barato’s When I Do (My Thang) EP here.

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