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Cheap Thrills is one underground dance label to watch in 2017. Launched by Joshua “Hervé” Harvey in 2008, the London stable has developed an enviable roster of electro talent featuring like-minded artists Fake Blood, Jack Beats, KC Lights and more.

Their latest fledgling UK producer, Links, steps up with his debut three-track EP. The standout, “Scorpion,” delivers a strong, rolling acid vibe. “I had this really twitchy little beat lying around, and when I played it, I would hunch up my shoulders like Nosferatu in front of the computer and play everything in a pokey little way,” Links tells Insomniac. “It became twitchier and twitchier, until I started to imagine it was a scorpion sort of sneaking around and then darting in and attacking and then retreating—and that is basically how ‘Scorpion’ happened.” Preview it now.

Available now via Cheap Thrills.

Jason Black is Oakland vs. Everybody. Follow him on Twitter.

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