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The Billions imprint has been busy banking some serious heaters on the bass house and tech tip, with many of its signings staying as far as possible from the type of filler and fluff we’ve seen from the genre of late. House of Hustle label heads HeartlyBeats do right by the Aussie crew, delivering disgustingly dope single “Just Happenin’.” It’s a whirring house jam with a long, lingering vocal hook that points directly at the duo’s adventurous synthwork.

All three remixers on the release certainly came to play as well. Raffa FL, Kovaxx, and frequent collaborators L.A. Cruz and Chad Tyson bring their best handiwork into the building, but it’s the latter we can’t seem to get enough of. Whipping up a beat that knocks with more authority than the police, the two house-heads get straight to business on a slow-grinding jam built for some heavy shakin’ and poppin’.

Available January 16 via Billions.

Buy the Just Happenin’ EP here.

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