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Don’t be thrown by Kissy Sell Out’s cheeky alias. He’s been putting it down seriously for DJ culture on the radio, in the club, in the stadium, and even in academia, for almost a dozen years. In between releasing five albums, producing, remixing, DJing, and hosting BBC Radio 1’s Kissy Klub show (now in its seventh year), the sonic dynamo has made time to debate classical music’s relevance with Stephen Fry at Cambridge University, help design Pioneer’s Nexus 2 decks, be Prodigy’s tour DJ, and compose music for the 2012 Olympics. Earlier this year, the patron of several charities and part-time astrophysicist­—yes, as in science—added another notch to his burgeoning multipurpose belt: launching Stepper Man records, which just released today’s VIP edit of “Badman” featuring Hungarian tastemaker Sirmo.

“Sirmo is a very talented producer that I had been heavily supporting in my DJ sets when I first started up my new label Stepper Man, so getting him on board with an EP was a super exciting idea,” Kissy tells us. “The original Badman EP then became the flagship release of Stepper Man… the track took on a life of its own, the Facebook video racking up a staggering 4 million views in only a few weeks.” With its amped UK garage vibe, the dubby bassline track is sure to rack up equally epic numbers. It’s already received a thumbs-up from drum & bass honcho Aphrodite, and more are sure to follow.

Kissy’s motive for revisiting the track with a VIP edit was twofold: It helps define the fledgling imprint’s sound, and it lets him and his crew flex their creative muscles as a collective.

“Only two days after ringing up Sirmo with my idea for a VIP version, the finished track was already uploaded for a release on iTunes, Beatport and Spotify, etc. An iPhone video of me listening to the finished track on my studio speakers was already gathering momentum via social media. It really shows what you can do now with a digital-only record label—the excitement harnessed in a track’s creation directly transposing to the public domain with no smoke and mirrors.”

Available now via Stepper Man.

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