In case you have your doubts, we’re worlds away from kicking Go Freek’s latest single to the gutter. In fact, the Aussie duo is smacking us across the head with another reason to obsess about the far-reaching record (as if the “Call Out” Remix EP wasn’t enough already) with another rework from a certain someone they might be confident enough to trust with their lives.

The homie Hood Rich has been cashing in on dank remixes left and right in recent days, so their grabbing a remix from him is as good as money. It’s easy to see he put tremendous thought and care into the project, too, deconstructing Freek’s work and materializing it back into a low-slung treasure. The rhythm is tight, the vibe is right, the vocals are cut up and skewed, and the arrangement will fry a few brainwaves. It’s one helluva deposit into the collective bass house account, and we’re lucky to be sharing the wealth with a freebie today. Get to downloading, and find out how Hood Rich feels below:

When Rus and Caleb hit me up about remixing “Call Out,” I was pretty jacked up, considering it was an Insomniac cut and I was also the only Australian remixer! It’s not news that the Go Freek dudes know their way around a bit of sound design, so it was super cool fucking up the audio a handful. I resampled and generally defiled the original parts till I had something that was recognizable to the original sounds, but rearranged, chopped-up or retextured. It made creating the remix an extremely fun and fluid process, which is always a recipe for good results… Well, I think it was a good result—hope you do, too. 🙂

Download Hood Rich’s “Call Out” remix here.

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