London’s house hitter Giom is back with a number that is too catchy for even modern medicine to stop. On the surface, “Love / Hate” appears to be another solid chunk of summery tech house. However, under the hood, there is so much more going on.

Initially, the percussion steps in with a rhythm and bounce that yields a very classic R&B style (think: mild flecks of golden-era Michael Jackson). Soon, however, ice-cold bass stabs break through the mix and quickly bring robotic vocals along for the ride. It is here, with the rising synth lead, that “Love/Hate” transcends a nu disco reveal and instead lands somewhere among the best of the 2000s bloghouse/electro world. It is just as subdued and electric as the best of those dancefloor burners, and yet Giom wields these forces down his own fresh path.

“Love / Hate” stays low and hypnotic, but with enough dynamic bounce to make every bar feel new. Little touches, like shuffling drums and morose piano chords, go a long way here to really take the production to the next level. This is an excellent track that will certainly push feet across any floor.

Available July 21 via Supremus Records.

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