Any label can sign a record from an A-lister and watch the units fly off the shelves. The real tricky part is seeing the same results from an artist who isn’t even on the map yet. The visionary This Ain’t Bristol is starting to build a reputation for launching careers, with their next payload being a nascent NorCal producer by the name of FOOLiE. The masked man has been filing all of his music under the “fool house” genre (which is all the intel we were able to gather from his super young social channels), and he raises the standard of said sound exponentially on the three-track Boogie EP he’s turning in to TAB this week.

Wedged between two unapologetically rough cuts is “Oxy,” a groggy little number that bumps and grinds its way through a lean and mean rhythm. The clanking percs and buzzing basslines propel the vibe along nicely—that is, until the second drop hits and the squelchy synthlines steal the focus. All in all, it’s a strong look for FOOLie, and it’s only going to get better as time goes by.

Available November 10 via This Ain’t Bristol.

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