The most impactful pieces of music are usually written with a deliberate message. Rising producer Daun Giventi understands the power of embedding a narrative in his creations, which is why he has been able to construct compelling productions worth taking the time to analyze inside and out. His latest signing to the venerated Enhanced label sees him getting extra personal, dedicating the single to a special someone he lost a few years back.

“This song is about a really, really close friend of mine that I lost about two years ago,” says Giventi. “She was known within our local electronic music community under the nickname of Ponyo and Ponyo Photography. This song is about her and who she was as a person.”

It’s a deeply touching production, to say the least, made with tremendous care and compassion. “Ponyo” exhibits the perfect mixture of heavy and light, all rolled up into a progressive trance offering that’ll get the emotions running uncontrollably. The euphoria felt in the cathartic melody lines and visceral builds are offset brilliantly by the disorienting textures featured in the soul-grinding drop. The combination of the two makes for one of the most memorable prog trance pieces in a long while.

Available September 16 via Enhanced Progressive.

Buy “Ponyo” here.

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