Slamming down a tough bit of work on Amine Edge & DANCE’s CUFF imprint, Clouded Judgement strolls through with a menacing four-tracker titled London Calling. The two gents from South London, David French & Rob Morley, have been on a roll since first forming the duo back in 2012, and their forthcoming effort is sure to snap up floors into a G-house-fueled frenzy.

On the second cut, they straight merk a Missy Elliott classic like a pair of club-leaning Gs. “Loose Control” sees them pitch Missy’s partied-up vocals down to the pits while bathing them with rubbery, grime-festering synth lines. It’s so baller. The EP is on the verge of an official release, so be on the lookout for details soon.

Who is the ideal person to remix this track?
We would love to hear an Amine Edge & DANCE remix. Firstly, the track is on CUFF, which is a big deal for us. Secondly, these guys invented G-house, and we’d love to hear their version of our track. That, and we don’t think we’ve ever heard a bad track from them.

What’s the takeaway here? Is there a message or vibe you hope to get across to listeners?
It’s the same message with all of our music, really. A lot of people have this impression that G-house is ghetto, nasty, etc., which really isn’t the case for us. We just want people to go out, enjoy themselves, and have the best night possible.

What’s your favorite sound/synth/effect/etc. used here?
It has to be the bass synth, as it just sounds crazy and a little eerie. Add the second drop with the difference in attack, and that’s us grooving. We do love the percussion as well, though.

Choose one feeling that sums up this release, and describe it to us.
Apprehensive. We love this EP, and it took us nearly a year to finish; now we’re just really curious to see everyone’s reaction. We felt that we really found our niche with this release.

If this song were a color, what would it be?
It would have to be black—dark as hell, and full of surprises.

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