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Straight out of Eastern Europe comes a new force to be reckoned with: Neuropunk Records. Born from the visionary minds of Bes and Garud, one half of Gydra and one-third of Teddy Killerz respectively, the newly launched imprint builds upon the old-school foundation of the Russian Tamrecords imprint and the eponymously named Neuropunk podcast that the pair have been running for decades.

With the first release coming courtesy of Teddy Killerz and Gydra in full battle mode, the three-track EP is designed to set the bar for a global takeover from the Russian and Eastern European crew that is sure to drop jaws when the full release hits the streets. Bringing the tech-driven heat throughout the release, Teddy Killerz and Gydra each offer up solo tracks before the cut we’re premiering today, “Miles High,” which features the two crews locking horns.

As Teddy Killerz tell us, “We are good friends with Gydra, and it was only a matter of time until this collab came together! We wanted to make something dark and heavy but finished with this funky and upbeat tune. Hope you will enjoy it!”

As expected, the resulting cut is explosive, as the low-slung, thugged-out intro quickly smashes its way into a rib-rattling, brass-tinged burner. From the otherworldly bassline to the street-level swag at the center, Gydra and Teddy Killerz instantly put Neuropunk Records on the radar and have us already hungry for more.

This one drops on Wednesday, so consider yourself warned!

Available February 20 via Neuropunk.

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